Eulogia has a geographical spread across 20 countries, meaning members have access to more language combinations, more specialisations and can offer their clients the very best translators from across the globe.


Our combined companies have been in the industry for 25 years. Our members are hand-picked for their quality, ethics and experience, meaning clients know Eulogia as a real benchmark of reliability and stability.

OVER 100

Our shared knowledge and resources mean that Eulogia members can offer over 100 language combinations to our clients, each being handled by a subject area expert, translating only into their mother tongue.


Eulogia members’ footprint means we can offer more services with a global reach, meaning clients can take advantage of local, in-country expertise without ever leaving their desks. From sworn translators in Poland to interpreters in Portugal, we’ve got it covered.


A Eulogia member company is one that will go the extra mile. Because of our selection process and because of strong personal relationships, we know that the Eulogians are the very best in their field and our clients can be assured of a great service, every time.



Our members are companies and each one is represented in Eulogia by a CEO-level industry veteran with a belief in making communication available to all. Why not find out more about the Eulogians- the people behind our companies and the expertise they bring to the Eulogia brand.

  • diego cresceri cinza
    “I have a passion for networking, meeting people and sharing challenges and knowledge. Eulogia facilitates cooperation and sharing in a confidentiality-conscious group, which I am sure will help me grow Creative Words further. From the first minute in Eulogia you can breathe cooperation, support and friendship. This is why I am honored to be part of this!”
    Diego Cresceri
    Creative Words
  • "Since day one I could feel the benefits of belonging to such an amazing group of professional and special people. Being a Eulogian for me means having a powerful backing in terms of knowledge, sharing and professional growth."

    Marta Aragão
  • "We have been looking for a group like Eulogia for many years, as we value the positivity that comes with sharing and growing together. Eulogia is a great platform for us to develop our business and continue to grow our company. Along the way we can help and get help from a group of skilled people, with the knowledge everything is confidential."
    Cecilia Enbäck
    Translator Scandinavia
  • "Eulogia to me is about developing meaningful relationships from which I learn and grow my business. Eulogia meetings focused on leadership, development and self-improvement keep me stay inspired and motivated. It is also about getting together, havind fun and making friends!"
  • "I find it hard to express just how much I value having been a member of the Eulogia Alliance over the past 24 years. For me, it means close, trust-based collaboration with a network of carefully selected, extraordinarily skilled, reliable and trusted colleagues and friends from neighbouring European countries."

    Corina Hay
  • “The translation industry is my passion and Eulogia has a significant role in this. First of all, it’s about great people, and after that, about the businesses they run and I can rely on.”

    Inge Rätsep
    Interlex Media & translations
  • "Eulogia is a major stimulator of my professional career and a highly valued cultural event. Each of the languages represented here has its own colour palette and unique flavours. Eulogia meetings make it possible for me to learn those qualities from friendly, supportive and extremely knowledgeable professionals. To me, Eulogia is a place for building mutual trust among language experts as well as foundations for smooth, international teamwork."

    Marek Gawrysiak
  • "My company Diskusija joined Eulogia in 2007. Undoubtedly it was the right decision which helped me to enlarge the industry knowledge and to speed the grow the company.

    First of all Eulogia is a solid community of industry peers, business partners and, certainly, friends. To be able to grow professionally and to develop my business it is important for me to have a forum to share the ideas openly and to learn, to have a community I can rely on. Such forum and such community for me is Eulogia."

  • "Eulogia is something different and special. Members openly share their invaluable experience and knowledge. I can always count on every single member and know that they will always do an excellent job. I recommend Eulogia to all responsible translation providers who would like to join us."

  • "Raymund also knows how to make the most of the pleasant aspects of entrepreneurship. In particular, commenting on traveling to congresses and conferences around the globe, he finds it “not an unpleasant consequence of my everyday work”. Eulogia is very special in this landscape as it represents a group of entrepreneurs in the translation business that truly shares the most interesting values, ideas and goals."

    Raymund Prins
    Global textware
  • "While I have been involved with association work in the translation industry for over ten years, Eulogia remains the perfect mix of professional and personal relationships – it is simultaneously a forum, a club, a school, and a family. Just the right cocktail of knowledge, skills, fun and learning."

  • Gaetan

    "Being a Eulogian implies commitment, involvement and accountability. This promotes amazing levels of cooperation and trust among our group. I'm pleased to bring a French flavour to Eulogia and I feel priviledged to belong to this diverse constituency of like-minded professionals sharing best practices and a wealth of information."

    Gaëtan Chrétiennot
    Six Continents
  • “Sharing best practice with top colleagues within the industry is the perfect way to keep abreast of changes that affect our business. I find that Eulogia offers solutions to common and individual problems and such an exchange enables me to collaborate more efficiently and enhance my own personal knowledge base.”

    Jorge Cabezas
    Prem Dan (Advanced Multilingual Solutions)
  • "Being able to share knowledge and industry experiences with like-minded people willing and open to learn from each other is what makes Eulogia so special!"

    Rachael Warburton
    Intonation Ltd
  • "Eulogia offers me excellent opportunities for peer support, training and sparring, and for getting ideas and views beyond my own sphere of expertise and country."

    Martti Kostamoinen
  • "Eulogia plays an important part in my life both professionally and personally. My company Espell is a supplier of language solutions to global enterprises in 70+ languages, so the local presence and the global footprint that our Eulogia membership brings us is key to our and our customers success. The alliance brought me tremendous knowledge, insight and invaluable friendships over the years."

    Miklós Bán
    Espell ltd.