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@Madeira, Portugal, 2022
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Combining local expertise for global excellence

Eulogia companies operate as a collective benchmark of reliability

Spread across 20 countries, Eulogia members form a collective of the very best translators in each language from around the globe. Beyond pooling resources, we share best practices, experiences, and expertise, growing as individuals and continually expanding our web of knowledge to benefit our global clients and partners.

Combining the expertise of each market leader, we guarantee excellence through personal connections, shared resources and cutting-edge practices. All of this enables us to strive further as a team.

The Eulogia promise

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Trust local knowledge

Carefully selected country representatives guarantee local expertise on a global scale

Our history

Eulogia history

Tracing a history that dates back almost three decades, Eulogia first came about as a means to an end: Securing a contract with the European Commission. However, the potential of a Europe-wide alliance of translation companies became clear from the very first meeting of seven members, with the group expanding across Europe and beyond to form a collective of partners ready to share practices and combined growth.

Expanding and shifting over time, Eulogia has proudly weathered market changes and global developments, and although we are founded on a solid history, our focus is firmly trained on a bright future built on collaboration for us as individuals, a collective and an industry.

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Drawing on the knowledge and experience of some of Europe’s most established language service companies, we shine a light on the latest developments, trends, and events across our industry.

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