ORCO: Opening windows to global markets

Based in Athens, Greece, ORCO counts 40 years in the translation and localization industry with internationally acknowledged successful results. Our clients include multinational corporations, government institutions, banks, private enterprises, international organizations, and the European Union. Our core business activities include translation and post-editing services, as well as software and multimedia localization in various language combinations.

With one of the largest localization teams in Southern Europe, ORCO is a reliable and competent partner, fostering enduring collaborations with international clients that have consistently proven mutually beneficial over the years, resulting in the most optimal cost-to-performance relationships.

Diction: Your Scandinavian language service provider based in Denmark

Our translation agency is headquartered in central Copenhagen, Denmark. From our office, we have assisted our clients with translations since 2010 throughout the Nordic countries. In particular, we are specialized in translations to and from the Scandinavian languages. This means that you can leave your translations safely to us and expect to receive correct and fluent translations.

Today, our translation agency offers services in both Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Diction has 17 employees in the administration and collaborates with over 2,000 freelance translators. Diction has provided quality language solutions to more than 4,000 clients, companies as well as private individuals, and we look forward to helping you as well.

Interlang: your trusted partner for Bulgarian translation services!

Driven by market-leading technology and a customer-centric approach, Interlang provides translation into and from Bulgarian, spanning a vast range of specialist areas. Employing a quality management system fully aligned with international standards, the company has built itself a solid reputation since 1996.

Project managers, experienced translators and state-of-the-art solutions will all be at your disposal.

Interlang helps companies and brands translate and localise for Bulgaria and the Balkan region and is focused on life sciences, law, automotive, manufacturing, energy industry, ICT, electronics, marketing and finance.

Fintranslations: Finnish translation services in Helsinki

Founded in 2003 in Helsinki, Fintranslations combines the engineering expertise of its three founders and their experience in the world of translation. Having worked together since the early 1990s, Martti, Kaarlo and Bore knew they had come across a recipe for success when working together. Their personalities, work experience and skills playing off one another, they dove into a business that is going strong to this day, many of their clients having stuck firmly by them over the last almost 30 years.

Fintranslations means engineering expertise in translations, founded in Helsinki but reaching beyond borders.

Amidas: excellence in Slovenian language services

Since its foundation in 1991, Amidas has forged a robust reputation among its partners as a trusted LSP. It is a company which was created as a response to Slovenian independence when companies opened up to the world economically and culturally. It got off to a flying start and its success has only grown since.

From collaborating on the official translation of the Slovenian Constitution to the annual reports of some of Slovenia’s biggest companies, and from tourist guides to EU directives and reports, Amidas prides itself on being the principal provider of English language editing services for the Slovenian Government. Amidas means robust relationships and reliable translations within Slovenia and beyond.

Translator Scandinavia: Swedish document translation you can trust

High-quality translations since 1990.

Translator Scandinavia is a language service provider within the fields of IT, consumer products, technology, finance, marketing, life sciences and EU affairs. Our broad skills base and the importance we attach to checking both facts and language are the features that distinguish us from our competitors.

We have a long tradition of providing high-quality and sustainable translation services. We currently deliver 30 million translated words to hundreds of clients in various industries every year – with a focus on quality, efficiency and long-term relationships.

Intonation: a collaborative approach to providing translations of excellence

Intonation’s history of providing bespoke language solutions to companies worldwide stretches back over 35 years.

We are an approachable, medium-sized agency that works in partnership with our clients to create bespoke language solutions which are handled by an award-winning project management team. We specialise in patent, marketing, IT, business and technical translations as well as operate City Legal Translations, which is the UK’s leading solely legal and financial translation and interpreting company.

We look to build long-standing partnerships with companies that share our common belief in an ethical, quality translation service for a reasonable price.

Espell: Hungary’s leading provider of Hungarian translation services

Espell is a leading multilingual communications services provider in the CEE region working round the clock in 80+ languages. With an in-house staff of 40, Espell strongly focuses on high added value services.

From transcreation and copywriting to multilingual SEO and localisation services, from multimedia adaptation and localisation engineering to internationalisation consultancy, Espell delivers professional communications services to global enterprises and regional companies alike.

Prem Dan: advanced multilingual solutions and multilingual integration services

Prem Dan provides integration services for multilingual digital solutions related to content, information and training to enable companies to adapt their corporate image and products to suit all local markets.

Focused on excellence, our services are based on our deep linguistic knowledge (over 50 languages) and our strong technical assets.

The key to our success relies on Prem Dan’s outstanding staff, located all over the world, and the professional calibre of our people.

Inpokulis: communication professionals with a passion for the Portuguese language

Inpokulis focus is on customers’ content-related needs, helping them engage with their markets, increase revenue, and drive growth through efficient content solutions and technology.

Guided by deep-rooted values, Inpokulis’ culture is clearly the company’s proudest achievement and they like to think their clients prefer working with genuinely happy, well-supported people. It’s the attention to the small details, scheduling of timelines and keen project management that makes Inpokulis stand out from the crowd.