Diskusija: harnessing connectivity through language services

A reference provider of translation and localisation services, Diskusija works with corporate clients and multilingual language companies worldwide, efficiently delivering the broad range of solutions necessary to exceed their expectations.

Customised language solutions and connectivity are the cornerstones of Diskusija’s operations. Their membership in a whole host of entities keeps them abreast of the latest industry developments, helping form people-centred partnerships that last decades. Consistency, attention to detail and competence are guaranteed. 

Diskusija means reliable partnerships and expertise in the Baltic region and beyond.

Quality Certifications:

ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management)

ISO 17100:2015 (Translation Services)

ISO 18587:2017 (Machine Translation Post-Editing Services)

We are a boutique translation and localisation company that helps clients worldwide to reach their goals by providing top-quality customised multilingual solutions. Our three decades of experience in working with projects both large and small, monolingual and multilingual, highly technical and creative, alongside our commitment to excellence and constant improvement, ensure that every project receives the expertise it deserves.

Asta Rusakevičienė, Diskusija
Asta Rusakevičienė
Owner and CEO, Diskusija

Asta Rusakevičienė

Owner and CEO, Diskusija

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