Espell: Hungary’s leading provider of Hungarian translation services

Espell is a leading multilingual communications services provider in the CEE region working round the clock in 80+ languages. With an in-house staff of 40, Espell strongly focuses on high added value services.

From transcreation and copywriting to multilingual SEO and localisation services, from multimedia adaptation and localisation engineering to internationalisation consultancy, Espell delivers professional communications services to global enterprises and regional companies alike.

Quality Certifications:

ISO 27001 (Information security)

ISO17100 (Translation services)

Espell delivers high added value communications services to global enterprises in 80+ languages. Global brands in media, life sciences, ITC and finance choose to work with us every day to effectively communicate with their customers worldwide.

Miklos Ban, Espell
Miklós Ban
CEO, Espell

Miklós Ban

CEO, Espell

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