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Global Textware: combining IT specialisation with expert Dutch translation

Although the company has expanded far beyond the IT specialisation sought in the 1990s, it continues to invest in technology to improve the efficiency and consistency of its translations. Beyond transferring words from one language to another, Global Textware benefits from its own IT department, allowing it to work in-house with diverse formats to meet an even more comprehensive range of client requirements.

Quality Certifications:

ISO 9100 (Quality management)

ISO 17100:2015 (Translation Services)

ISO 18587:2017 (Machine Translation Post-Editing Services)

We offer carefully translated content to help our clients achieve international success. Content that’s easy to understand, for anyone, across the world. This is the result of years of experience in the field. It’s our raison d’être: providing specialist knowledge for a variety of industries.

Global Textware_Thomas Prins
Thomas Prins
CEO, Global textware
Global Textware_Raymund Prins
Raymund Prins
Founder, Global textware

Thomas Prins

CEO, Global textware

Benefit from Thomas’ and Raymund's unique perspective on the translation industry, combined with Global Textware’s investment into providing an all-encompassing service of excellence.

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