Six Continents: providing responsible, sustainable and considered translations

Investing in AI and the latest machine translation and hybrid practices, Six Continents has kept ahead of the curve since its foundation. This has allowed the company, which exclusively comprises linguists, to provide translations guaranteed to meet every quality parameter and more with a measurable return for every client.

Investing in partnerships and excellence, Six Continents is a boutique translation company successfully heading up the French language services industry thanks to their responsiveness, practicality and consistent results.

Six Continents means communication in its deepest form which is provided more efficiently than ever thanks to cutting-edge practices.

Quality Certifications:

ISO 17100:2015 (Human Translation Services)

ISO 18587:2017 (Machine Translation Post-Editing Services)

EcoVadis certified: After a rigorous evaluation process, Six Continents has been found to meet the bronze standard for its environmental, social and ethical practices. Being EcoVadis certified is a way for Six Continents to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and to be recognised for its efforts in this area.

Six Continents is a solution-focused company recognised for its commitment to quality, innovation and sustainability. The company has earned three certifications following a rigorous evaluation process: ISO 17100 (translation), ISO 18587 (post-editing) and EcoVadis (environmental, social and ethical practices).

Gaëtan Chrétiennot, Six Continents
Gaëtan Chrétiennot
Founder and CEO, Six Continents
Peggy Santerre, Six Continents
Peggy Santerre
Co-owner and Translation Strategy Expert, Six Continents

Gaëtan Chrétiennot

Founder and CEO, Six Continents

For translations into or out of French, contact Six Continents for assured efficiency, practicality, and experience gained over decades in a fast-paced industry always changing with the times.

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