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TextPartner: Building time-enduring partnerships though Polish language services

Building time-enduring partnerships to benefit clients thanks to materials that convey their specific voice, TextPartner was founded in 1997 to satisfy the particular Polish language demands of international businesses.

Strongly connected to the world at large, TextPartner’s ethical core shines through in a range of company practices. From international internships for young linguists to fund-raising for health care translators in Africa as well as the company’s involvement in Translators without Borders, TextPartner upholds the importance of translation in the belief that it can, and does, save lives.

TextPartner means excellence in Polish translation underpinned by a broader humanitarian focus.

Quality Certifications:

ISO 17100:2015 (Translation Services)

ISO 18587:2017 (Post-editing of Machine Translation output)

The true meaning of TextPartner is defined by its extensively experienced in-house linguists – a team whose mission is to build time-enduring partnerships to benefit clients’ foreign language content as well as their deadlines and budgets. If you can trust more than 25 years of experience and zero negative feedback from over 14,000 delivered projects, then you can certainly rely on TextPartner!

Marek Gawrysiak, TextPartner
Marek Gawrysiak
Managing partner, TextPartner
Ewa Gawrysiak, TextPartner
Ewa Gawrysiak
Business Partner, TextPartner

Marek Gawrysiak

Managing partner, TextPartner


Marek and Ewa’s passion for excellence in Polish translation has allowed their reach to spread across the globe. Get in touch to benefit from their extensive expertise and experience.

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