Founded in 2016, Creative Words brings over fifteen years of experience in localization and content management. We are a full -service language company, flexible and dynamic.

We love our job, we’re passionate about languages, we thrive on communication.

All of this is supported by the technical skills and innovation needed to satisfy and exceed our customers’ requirements. With more than 400 freelancers and our inhouse team made of seasoned linguists, we can offer top-notch quality to our global clients looking to enter the Italian market or expanding abroad from Italy.

We value training as a means for ongoing, sustainable growth.

Anyone who wants to work with Creative Words makes a commitment to uphold our company values, listed below:

Help others: develop supportive relationships with clients, colleague and vendors.

Keep learning: there's always some room for improvement. Fill that room.

Be brave: take calculated risk to find the most innovative way to solve issues.

Being still a young company, with Eulogia we know we can rely on a group of like-minded experts with whom we can share best practice, experiences and challenges, thus enabling growth for our company and fellow members, all within a safe and confidential network.



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