A translation company in Groningen with a global network. An all-round translation company with expertise in different fields. For complete, clear translations in various languages..

Global textware works with many different languages, with expertise in many fields. Small, rapidly delivered assignments that should be ‘just right’, and also complex translation projects carried out by multi-disciplinary teams. Project managers, translators, proofreaders. .

With our own IT department, we can effectively work with diverse formats and with enough internal – and if necessary external – expertise to meet every translation job. Traditionally, there is a lot of expertise available within medical translations, technical translations and business to business translations, but also in various other fields, the translators of Global textware have much knowledge to complete each translation job successful. .

"Eulogia is very special in the translation industry as it represents a group of entrepeneurs in the translation business that truely shares the most interesting values, ideas and goals. For a company like Global textware, this is extremely important, as we consider us to be part of the global translation business where this kind of network connections are key to our business."



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