It has been 20 wonderful years since TextPartner launched into translation orbit. In that time, we have evolved into a company with a bright an ambitious future. What distinguishes us is a team of senior in-house experts for whom language and technology have been a passion! What defines us are the projects we are entrusted and the challenges we meet. TextPartner's team specialise in technical translation into Polish, providing continuous services to renowned companies from Europe and the US. Our in-house team support all the processes from file engineering, linguistic work, dtp to printing services. TextPartner cooperates closely with universities and has won two awards in Internship Company of the Year contests. Other people matter to us and we proudly support the US-based charity Translators without Borders.

"Eulogia encourages progress is every possible area of business: production quality, technology, best practices, support to employees, feedback from employees to CEOs, effective communication to give just a few examples. This actually guarantees that no important aspects of running a successful, international translation agency are ever missed!"



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